David Slade set to direct Wolverine sequel for Fox

Last we heard, the choices for director on X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE 2 (they can't actually be calling it that, can they?) were Tony Scott and Matt Reeves (LET ME IN). Tony Scott was apparently too busy and Matt Reeves passed so now it's on to the next two candidates. New York Magazine is reporting that the studio has approved both David Slade (30 DAYS OF NIGHT, ECLIPSE) and Robert Schwentke (RED) as directors for the film and that the final choice is up to producer/star Hugh Jackman. Their sources report that Jackman intends to inform Fox that he's going with Slade.

As we've previously heard, the script by Christopher McQuarrie will send Logan to Japan, a storyline long desired by die hard Wolvie fans. While I too am a big Wolverine fan and love the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller storyline, I'm just too sure it adapts well to a feature film. Unlike all the other X-MEN movies Fox has made, it's not crammed with mutant cameos. He just goes to Japan as a Ronin to follow his love Mariko Yashida. Fights ensue but not int he traditional blockbuster movie style way. And frankly, while I love the Japan storyline, the Weapon X saga was just as good, if not better, and that didn't help the movie one lick.

I think both Slade and Schwentke are decent choices but frankly I would've loved to have seen what Reeves would've done with a WOLVERINE film. I'm just hoping that this project will be less tinkered with than the original film, which stunk to the high heavens.

What do you think of the choice of David Slade to direct WOLVERINE 2?

Extra Tidbit: I'm guessing Silver Samurai as the main villain?
Source: NY Mag



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