Details on the next super secret JJ Abrams trailer!

UPDATE - If you want to be spoiled, Vulture has a description of the trailer and details on what movie it's for....

Remember when you first saw the mysterious trailer for CLOVERFIELD, then known only as 1-18-08, before prints of TRANSFORMERS three years ago? As good as you might've thought TRANSFORMERS was (and I'll admit to liking it quite a bit), a good portion of the buzz was about a trailer for a movie that no one knew anything about. Well get ready to relive that fun.

HitFix is reporting that another mysterious Abrams trailer, code-named SUPER-8, is set to run before IRON MAN 2 this Friday. What exactly is SUPER-8? This may completely shock you but nobody knows. There are rumors it's a trailer for the CLOVERFIELD sequel but it seems odd (even for Abrams) to shoot a trailer for a movie that hasn't even begun production yet. HitFix claims it's not the rumored Abrams and Spielberg collaboration and this isn't a project Abrams directed.

The title SUPER-8 obviously gives us some hints as the Super-8 format, released by Kodak in the 60s, was once the standard for home movie film. Abrams shot his first movie, a horror movie titled THE ATTIC he filmed with childhood friend Greg Grunberg, when he was 11. Is it an homage to his homemade movies?

The cans IRON MAN 2 and subsequently the SUPER-8 trailer are reportedly timelocked by Paramount until Thursday, so we probably won't get more details until projections open the reels and run it for the first time. Stay tuned!

Source: HitFix



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