Dirty Harry is dead

Alas, if you were hoping to see San Francisco's notoriously trigger-happy detective ventilate perpetrators with his infamous handgun once more, it wasn't meant to be.

At the press conference for the Cannes premiere of his new film CHANGELING (reviewed RIGHT HERE), Clint Eastwood himself put a high caliber round right through the recent rumor that his next film GRAN TORINO (or a following project) could be the resurrection of inspector Callahan: "Dirty Harry would not be on the police department at my age, so we'll move on from that." (Eastwood is 78.)

After joking that his CHANGELING star Angelina Jolie could take over the role, Eastwood reminisced about the iconic rule-breaking lawman: "Whatever reaction it had, it was great fun at that time. It was a fantasy role. You point a .44 Magnum at someone and say, 'Do you feel lucky'?" Yep, good times -- I still do it regularly.
Extra Tidbit: The last Dirty Harry movie THE DEAD POOL featured appearances by Liam Neeson, Jim Carrey and members of Guns N Roses.
Source: AOL



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