Dragon's Lair movie?

Old-school arcade gamers who plunked hundreds of quarters into DRAGON’S LAIR will recall the travails of Dirk the Daring and his quest to save a huge-breasted princess from a gold-hording dragon who likes his gals chesty. The animated video game, which used the then-cutting edge and now-archaic laserdisc format, came out waaaaaay back in 1983 but still remains a classic.

Creators Gary Goldman and Don Bluth have been trying for years to bring a new dungeon adventure to theaters, but it’s been an uphill climb against the avalanche of more lucrative computer-animated features – the guys are understandably insistent that the movie be done in traditional animation, which is almost as dead as the 25-cent videogame. But they’ve recently revealed that studio meetings have been positive, and that the movie (already scripted with storyboards from Bluth) would be a prequel following Dirk’s knightly formative years.

The original DRAGON'S LAIR game (which just hit Blu-Ray disc) was followed by the similarly styled SPACE ACE (my personal fave), the little-seen DRAGON'S LAIR II: TIME WARP, and a short-lived animated TV series.
Extra Tidbit: While Bluth might be known for starting the seemingly inextinguishable LAND BEFORE TIME series, I have a soft spot for THE SECRET OF NIMH.
Source: Filmforce



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