Even longer Kiss Goodnight?

No matter how much garbage Renny Harlin has churned out in his career (I’m talking to you, THE COVENANT) he will always be the man who made CLIFFHANGER, which along with PASSENGER 57 and DEMOLITION MAN ranks up there as one of my classics from the golden age of early nineties action movies. Now apparently Renny is looking to recapture that fleeting golden touch by considering a sequel to one of his more underrated films, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT.

Released in 1996, that movie starred Geena Davis as a predecessor to Jason Bourne, a super-spy with amnesia who teams up with a hard-drinking private eye (Samuel L. Jackson) to thwart a sinister government plot. Jackson recently spoke to MTV’s Movie blog and told them that they have a “development project” for THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT 2. Possible sequels plots? Samuel says: "Actually, we're thinking, you know, the little girl [Samantha's daughter, Caitlin] is grown up now and possibly got some skills passed onto her by her mom," and then hitting full-on spoiler mode, he says "Her mom gets killed and we want to find out who did it." Way to give it away, Sam.

Extra Tidbit: I was a member on one of the pit crews on the set of Harlin's DRIVEN and was told by one of the assistant director's to avoid all eye contact with Mr. Stallone. I did as I was told.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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