Excl: Dead Silence clip

For anyone who thought the dudes behind the original SAW movie were gonna turn out to be "one-hit" wonders, think again, as writer/star Leigh Whannell went on to co-write the two following SAW flicks (which turned into both critical and commercial successes), while Wan has already filmed his second feature, DEAD SILENCE (written by Whannell), and is in post-production on his third feature, entitled DEATH SENTENCE (the man has a "fascination" with death, let's admit it).

Today, the boys were cool enough to record a cool little intro to an exclusive clip for both JoBlo.com & Arrow in the Head readers, and I think most of you might be surprised by one thing in this clip: how goddamn young they are! (and funny) I mean, seriously, these guys look like they're still teenagers, man...meanwhile, their SAW franchise is closing in on the half a billion dollar mark worldwide!! Nice going, chaps. Check out the creepy clip after their intro, and stay tuned for the film which opens one week from today, March 16th. "Who's the dummy now?"



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