EXCL: Randy the Movie?

Today Part 3 of the RAAAAAAAAANDY documentary debuted on FUNNY PEOPLE but after talking to FUNNY PEOPLE director Judd Apatow, that might not be the last you see of Randy. Apatow told us that he and Aziz Ansari, who only has a few minutes of screen time in FUNNY PEOPLE, are actively developing a full-length Randy movie.

Said Apatow, "Randy isn't in the movie anywhere near as much we wish he was. Something hilariously magical happened when Aziz showed up. So we all said, 'What else can we do?' Let's just make a documentary! We just couldn't stop writing for him. And now we're talking about making the RANDY movie. We can't get enough of Randy..."

You could tell Apatow loves the Randy character because he was laughing the entire time he was talking about it. Though he was laughing, he definitely wasn't joking about a RANDY movie later adding, "we're outlining it right now."

We'll have our full Apatow interview up later this week just in time for FUNNY PEOPLE, which hits theaters on Friday.

Extra Tidbit: The idea for Randy's DJ actually came from a line (that was later cut) Ansari ad-libbed on set.
Source: JoBlo.com



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