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Exclusive Interview: Michael Fassbender & Domhnall Gleeson talk Frank!


You haven't lived until you've stared FRANK right in the face. Frank, if you didn't know, is the star of the quirky British comedy of the same name; an eccentric frontman of a band of strange musicians, he never goes anywhere without his gigantic paper mache head.

Odd, yes. Odder still when you consider the fact Frank is portrayed by Michael Fassbender, one of the most charismatic leading men in the movies today. But don't let the giant noggin throw you off: even without good looks leading the way, Fassbender gives a dynamic, energetic performance as the unconventional entertainer. He's matched every step of the way by rising star Domhnall Gleeson, who plays the newest member of Frank's merry band, an aspiring musician who isn't sure he can handle the unpredictable lifestyle that comes with being friends with Frank.

I recently spoke to Fassbender, Gleeson and "Frank" about the movie, the freedom of acting behind a mask, indies vs. franchises, and the next film we'll be seeing Gleeson in: a little something called STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. (Just wait until Fassbender finds out about his co-star's new gig.)

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