Exclusive: Jessica Alba and Danny Trejo in a brand new Machete clip!

I would think that the success of THE EXPENDABLES this past weekend can only mean good things for MACHETE. They're both very much action films with an old-school attitude, MACHETE almost even moreso. I know some lucky LA journalists got to see the film last night and I'm insanely jealous because I'm really curious to see what Robert Rodriguez cooked up here (probably even more excited than I was for EXPENDABLES).

Today we've got an exclusive clip from the film that features a showdown of sorts between Machete himself and Jessica Alba's border agent Sartana. I don't know where Machete is going after walking out the door but I'd imagine it's not to catch the 3:30 showing of EAT, PRAY, LOVE. (More likely, he's gonna slice some people up like a julienne salad.) Check out the exclusive MACHETE clip "Two Cops" below and remember to check it out, in theaters on September 3!

Extra Tidbit: As I was reminded by Trejo, the correct pronunciation is mah-sheh-tay not mah-sheddy.
Source: JoBlo.com



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