First insane photos appear from the Spider-Man Broadway musical

We've been hearing about a Spider-Man musical for a while now, but it keeps getting delayed for one reason or another. The latest ailment for the production is that it's been pushed to January 2011 because of an actor injury, but this thing is determined to get made.

What you're about to see is a taste of what you can expect from the musical, famed photographer Annie Liebovitz took these snaps for the December issue of Vogue, and they feature director Julie Taymor's patented over-stylized, over-saturated aesthetic.

They show Peter Parker, MJ, the Green Goblin, Carnage and a villain I've never heard of named Swiss Miss makes an appearance in the play, which is titled Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and as absurd as it looks, I actually want to see it just to see how WTF it actually ends up being.

Check out the shots below.

Extra Tidbit: What popular film or franchise would you want to see turned into a musical?
Source: NYPostVogue



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