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First look at Game of Thrones season two in new feature


I'm not sure I've seen a show develop as big of a fanbase so quickly as what I saw during the first season of Game of Thrones. After episode one, practically everyone was hooked, and now we're all holding our breath for season two.

Well this new feature might have to tide us over for a while. It's a behind the scenes look at season two of the show, and though little footage is shown, it should be interesting for fans nonetheless. Also good to know that it's coming back in April, which is a mere five-ish months away.

Watch the video below, and know that if you post any know-it-all spoilers from the book, you will be summarily executed.

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Extra Tidbit: "They're worried about the safety of these characters." Yeah, the fact that NO one is safe really adds to the suspense of the show.
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