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First look at the creatures of The Last Airbender


I'm nervously awaiting to see what M. Night Shyamalan does with my favorite animated series, THE LAST AIRBENDER. I'm wavering between excitement when I see the pretty rad trailers, and fear, when I remember that once upon at time the trailers for THE VILLAGE and THE HAPPENING also looked awesome.

While we all wait to find out which side the coin will land on, here's a few new images from the film via LastAirbenderFans. They're significant because they're the first real looks at two of the non-human leads of the film, Momo the winged lemur and Appa the sky bison, who might have the biggest cuddliest-to-danger ratio of any fictional creature ever.

Check them out below, and head over to LastAirbenderFans for a bunch more pictures they unlocked using the movie's iPad game. Sigh, I miss old school movie marketing sometimes. 

Extra Tidbit: I would sell my left nut for my own sky bison.



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