First pic of Krueger

Following up on our A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET set visit preview, it appears as though the studio was aligning all things NOES for the Comic Con weekend coming up, with the first official photo from the film (remember, we managed the "first look" at Freddy a while back) going to a site called MySpace (never heard of it). As you surely already know by now, the great Robert Englund was replaced with the pedophile from LITTLE CHILDREN aka Jackie Earle Haley to play the lead nutball Freddy Krueger. Below is the "first real look" at Haley in costume, although even then...it's not exactly a great shot. Not sure why studios believe that releasing a dark shadowy picture is the best way to go on shit like this. Oh, maybe because it's a horror movie? No idea. Either way, this new version of the film opens wide on April 16th 2010. Excited yet?

Extra Tidbit: LITTLE CHILDREN was the first film Haley had made in 13 years.
Source: MySpace



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