Fishburne does Alchemist

In one of the odder stories I’ve come across, Laurence Fishburne is set to direct an adaptation of Paulo Coelho’s extremely popular novel THE ALCHEMIST. A lot of you might view Fishburne as simply Morpheus, or more recently as the voice of the Silver Surfer, but apparently, the guy is a confident artist. I say confident because not only is Fishburne going to direct, but he adapted the screenplay himself, and turning a very popular novel into a script is not an easy thing. Apparently the filmmakers have described this as ‘Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones’ as a Spaniard searches for treasure but ends up discovering something much more spiritually important. A lot of people love this book, so Mr. Fishburne is placing a lot of pressure on himself, but as he knows, none of this is real so it doesn’t matter. It’s just a bunch of machines simulating reality to keep us complacent while they suck us dry for our energy.
Extra Tidbit: Fishburne was seen smoking copious amounts of marijuana with Paul McCartney and Woody Harrelson at a recent party.



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