Four new posters

UPDATE: We've removed the posters from this story because GreeneStreet Films advised us that they were only "drafts" at this point. When they have the final one-sheets, we'll let you know. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The New York-based GreeneStreet Films is involved with some pretty high profile films and they've recently done us a solid and slapped up some bite-sized posters for a few of these flicks. First up is the Russell Crowe-starring drama TENDERNESS. Based on the Robert Cormier novel of the same name, in it, Crowe plays a detective investigating the possible homicidal tendencies of a troubled teen (Jon Foster). Next to that you'll notice the poster for BILL, a dramedy in which Aaron Eckhart stars as a guy whose life essentially sucks the big one but who finds redemption in the mentoring of a rebellious teen. Jessica Alba and Elizabeth Banks help to make it all better.

Below the first two, you'll first notice a poster (actually this seems more like filler art than an actual poster but one can very rarely go wrong with a gigantic eerily creepy eye) for AWAKE, another Jessica Alba-starring drama where she plays the wife of a guy (Hayden Christensen) who remains conscious during his open heart surgery, and beside that is a poster for the Sean William Scott-starring comedy GARY THE TENNIS COACH in which Scott plays the titular coach who's undoubtedly involved in a myriad of hijinks. None of these flicks have a release date as yet. Click through to check out ever so slightly higher res versions of each. Thanks to Ivani for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: Russell Crowe filmed all his scenes for TENDERNESS in 9 days.



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