FOX confirms a live action X-Men series is in development with Marvel

With the X-Men franchise looking as profitable as ever and a new film, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, slated to hit theaters next year, 20th Century Fox is still trying to expand their franchise. Rumors have abounded about a potential live action series for a couple of years. Most recently, we heard it was still in the creative stages and the deal was not set. Now, FOX is giving us more hope.

FOX's Dana Walden said that the plan for the live action series is to make it a long running show with familiar characters from the big screen. She did caution that characters like Wolverine will remain on the big screen only. But, while previous reports had this in the very early stages, Walden revealed how close the project is now.

“We’re in negotiations with Marvel,” she said. “We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to announce something soon, but we’re not closed on deal yet.”

A deal would be the first part of the project but it is unclear what negotiations are being made with Marvel. Could FOX be working out a deal to cross-over with Marvel Studios characters? While that is just wishful thinking, stranger things have happened in recent years (ahem, Spider-man).

How an X-MEN television series would work is up in the air, but I would think that focusing on the young mutant students at Xavier's school would make the most sense and also fit in with the demographic that FOX aims for. Stay tuned for more details as this develops.

Source: Deadline



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