Frodo talks Hobbit

Seems like Elijah Wood has kept a fairly low profile since spending all that time tromping through Mordor and saying "Oh, Sam" every five minutes, but Frodo is apparently more than ready to return to the Shire.

Wood let MTV know that he's up for THE HOBBIT and/or its "bridge" movie (set in the decades leading up to LOTR): "If I’m asked to go back and revisit that character and it makes sense, I would love to. I would absolutely love to," he says, noting that Peter Jackson's involvement is "a great triumph", because now THE HOBBIT will undoubtedly be set in the same established "world" and have synergy between the movies.

Of course Tolkein didn't really give young Baggins much more to do beyond his lengthy trek to Mount Doom. "Nothing was really written with Frodo involved in it. That was sort of an ancillary tale outside of ‘Lord of the Rings.’ I can’t imagine that they [Jackson and company] would write great reams of information regarding my character. But if he [Frodo] should show up, it would actually be the perfect way to revisit because it could be small enough that I could go back and have a nice sort of reunion with the memories that I have of the experience."

In the meantime, Wood has been working on smaller films like THE OXFORD MURDERS, DAY ZERO and a possible Iggy Pop movie. No director has been announced for THE HOBBIT yet, though it's believed New Line has Guillermo del Toro and Sam Raimi on their wish list.
Extra Tidbit: Wood's first film appearance was with equally diminutive actor Michael J. Fox in BACK TO THE FUTURE II (he's unimpressed with Marty's videogame gunslinging skills).
Source: MTV



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