Frozen trailer

I showed you the poster for the “OMG we’re stuck on a ski-lift!” thriller the other day, but now we’ve got a full trailer courtesy of Apple. As expected, things get uncomfortable REAL quick, but after watching, I’m just not buying it.

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek or not, as the situation just really doesn’t seem that perilous. As suggested by you guys when I showed you the poster, why can they not zipline down the cable or make a rope out of their coats? And am I really supposed to believe that the girl isn’t wearing gloves? Also, it’s not like they’re lost in the wilderness, as soon as they find a way to get down there are buildings everywhere they can break into for shelter, and hell, they probably f*cking parked under a mile away.

I don’t know, outside of a few rogue wolf encounters, I can’t really imagine this being that scary, can you? Watch below or head over to Apple for HD.

Extra Tidbit: I hope at the end of the movie Bear Grylls shows up any punches all of them in the face for being dumbasses.
Source: Apple



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