Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void gets a domestic, acid-trip of a trailer

Back in April, we revealed the French trailer for ENTER THE VOID, Gaspar Noe's latest piece of cinema to pummel at your senses. It featured predominately trippy visuals, but this new domestic trailer for the film shows off a little more in the way of story and character, and perhaps even more psychedelic imagery.

ENTER THE VOID makes you trip balls in theaters on September 24th. Enjoy the trailer below or head on over to Apple for some HD seizurin'.

Synopsis: The long-awaited follow up to his controversial IRREVERSIBLE, ENTER THE VOID is an immersive and mind-bending experience. Nathaniel Brown and Paz de la Huerta star in a visceral journey set against the thumping, neon club scene of Tokyo, which hurls the viewer into an astonishing trip through life, death, and the universally wonderful and horrible moments between.

Extra Tidbit: Noe spoke of making a 3D porn movie back at the beginning of the year. Let's get on that chop chop, Gaspar!
Source: Apple



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