Gemini Man lives

Wow -- here's the very definition of "Development Hell", a pending big-budget Hollywood project that has been around longer than most of the remaining movie sites on the internets (but not this one!).

But like a morning after all-you-can-eat Mexican, you never know what might resurface. Megaproducer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Curtis Hanson (LA CONFIDENTIAL, WONDER BOYS) skipped the fish tacos, but the sci-fi thriller GEMINI MAN has floated to the top of their production pile.

The Disney project involves a government agent on the verge of retirement, only to wind up in the sights of an assassin who is actually a young clone of himself. Top tier talent like Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and Mel Gibson supposedly once considered starring -- as both versions of themselves, with the younger version produced through some combination of older movie footage and digital de-aging.

Modern FX procedures should make the process easier (if not entierly convincing).

Writer David Benioff (THE 25th HOUR, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE) took the last crack at the script.

Extra Tidbit: I can remember when this was first announced. Damn, I have been doing this a long time...
Source: Variety



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