Ghostbusters 3 shooting delayed again due to money issues at Sony

Despite the recent news that GHOSTBUSTERS 3 would begin shooting next summer, money woes at Sony have pushed production to an unspecified time next Fall.

Sony's production slate is frozen until March 31, when the fiscal year comes to an end and the Japanese company can re-assess their financial issues. This means nothing can move forward until at least that date if not later. This means that Sony could decide to sell GHOSTBUSTERS 3 to another studio, share the costs like they are doing with George Clooney's MOMUMENTS MEN.

With the issues GHOSTBUSTERS 3 has encountered so far, it is not outside of reason for Sony to consider it too large a financial gamble and scrap the project entirely. Seeing as we have waited this long to get the sequel, we could wait longer. But, with Arnold becoming Conan again and a new STAR WARS trilogy on the way, never say never.

There are obviously still fans out there clamoring for more GHOSTBUSTERS. Take a look at this fan video as proof.



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