Gulliver's Travels director Rob Letterman might give us Goosebumps

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There hasn't been much news about a big screen adaptation of the R.L. Stine series Goosebumps since Darren Lemke was signed on to write the screenplay and that was over a year ago.

Deadline is reporting that there has finally been some movement on the project and that Rob Letterman is in talks to direct the film. Letterman directed GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, MONSTERS VS ALIENS, and SHARK TALES, as well as writing the scripts for the latter two.

While GULLIVER'S TRAVELS is simply terrible I think Letterman is a decent choice. The Goosebumps series is full of frights but they are really just training bras before young readers move on to adult horror novels and Letterman's style (nothing incredibly unique but definitely serviceable) should work well for an adaptation.

A lot of kids got hooked on horror novels and films due to Goosebumps. While the books might not have the same impact now that they did in the past I wouldn't mind seeing a film if it means some kids get to discover these books for the first time. There's still no word on if the film would cover one of the books or be an anthology of several like CREEPSHOW.

A Goosebumps adaptation has been in the works for a while now and even with Rob Letterman in talks to helm the flick it doesn't guarantee we'll see this anytime soon. Hopefully if Letterman does sign on this project can finally pick up some steam.

Extra Tidbit: In 5th grade I let a friend from school borrow one of my Goosebumps books which got him in trouble. Apparently his Mom thought the books were "too scary" for him. Good thing I didn't give him my copy of The Shining.
Source: Deadline



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