Hot Fuzz clips

Hot Fuzz Without a doubt, everyone in the JoBlo.com collective is giddy in the pants about Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's upcoming post-SHAUN OF THE DEAD effort, the cop comedy HOT FUZZ. Judging from the trailers we've seen so far, it looks like the boys have another winner on their hands. But JoBlo.com News Editor, you may ask, trailers can be unscrupulous in their deceit of a film's comedic value, what have you by way of clips so that we may judge the film's merit based on real-time scenes? Funny you should ask, Faithful JoBlo.com News Reader, I would reply, we've just received five new clips that are, in fact, quite hilarious and should confirm for you that the film's laughs are intrinsic and not as a result of clever trailer editing. See them in our trailer/clip archive HERE (clips 4 through 6). The constabulary shenanigans ensue April 20th.

Extra Tidbit: Pegg played The Editor in an episode of the revived "Doctor Who" BBC series titled "The Long Game".
Source: Rogue Pictures



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