Hulk punches Canada

Details on the HULK sequel are pretty scarce, but while we don't know exactly what the green behemoth will be doing in his next raging adventure, at least we know where he'll be doing it. The follow-up film (currently called THE INCREDIBLE HULK rather than HULK 2) will be spending approximately four months in Toronto over the summer to chronicle the new exploits of Marvel's angry jade musclemonster.

Producer Jim Van Wyck was impressed with the city and its co-operation when he filmed 16 BLOCKS, though its not known if Toronto will be standing in for New York or Random City when Hulk smashes. The movie is being directed by Louis Leterrier (TRANSPORTER 2) with a script by Zak Penn (X2), and is due in theaters June 2008, which means that (barring schedule changes) we'll have a new comic book hero in theaters every month next summer -- IRON MAN in May, BATMAN in July and HELLBOY in August.

As for Bruce Banner (who will be recast along with all the other actors from the first movie -- everyone from Dominic Purcell to Adrien Brody has been rumored as the new Banner) and his CG alter ego, they'll be tangling with General "Thunderbolt" Ross and his military might, and Emil Blonsky, also known as a mutated monstrosity called the Abomination. The story will reportedly take beats from Bruce Jones' recent comic book arc, with Banner on the run and being assisted by a mysterious accomplice known as Mr. Blue. I'm hoping they also manage to work She-Hulk in there somehow, but that's only because I have a thing for 7-foot buff babes with green skin and huge breasts. C'mon, like you don't.
Extra Tidbit: In made-for-TV movies, the Hulk met variations of fellow Marvel characters Daredevil and Thor.
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