INT: Eva Mendes and Gabriel Macht

Ever since his breakthrough performance in A LOVE SONG FOR BOBBY LONG, I’ve been completely smitten with Gabriel Macht. Therefore, I was totally excited when I heard about his upcoming lead role as Denny Colt, aka the Spirit, opposite Eva Mendes in Frank Miller’s directorial debut, THE SPIRIT. Mendes, whose films include TRAINING DAY, HITCH and WE OWN THE NIGHT, plays the role of Sand Seref: Spirit’s ex-girlfriend and seductive jewel thief. Together Macht and Mendes are both captivating and mesmerizing, on and off-screen.

Macht’s charm and good looks make him a perfect cast for the crime-fighting ladies man. He plays kissy-face with all the beautiful ladies, while donning a classy suit and fedora as his disguise. Mendes is incredibly sexy in her portrayal as the city’s provocative, cold criminal. Although tough on screen, they were very sweet in person. I had the pleasure of meeting the hot co-stars last week to chat about their roles, training to kick-butt, shooting with a green screen and working opposite Samuel L. Jackson in the upcoming comic book film, THE SPIRIT. See what they said.

Source: JoBlo.com



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