Iron Man cometh

If hearing the heavy buzz about the IRON MAN footage from Comic Con got your batteries juiced, it's been a painful wait to see it for yourself.

Director Jon Favreau says you won't have to wait much longer to see a glimpse of Robert Downey Jr. and his metallic red-and-gold wardrobe. According to Favs' message board post: "For those of you who have been Jonesing to see the Comic Con footage, we now an official teaser trailer that incorporates much of the same imagery. Paramount is debuting the piece in its entirety across the Viacom Network's highest rated programs. The first appearance will be immediately before the Hills on MTV on 9/10."

Favreau also gives a rundown of other shows on the fool tube that will feature the clip, and notes that a hi-def version in glorious Quicktime will hit your computer with full-power repulsor rays on the 11th. Read the details RIGHT HERE!
Extra Tidbit: Favreau has long been trying to make a western called THE MARSHAL OF REVELATION, about a Hasidic Jewish gunfighter seeking revenge on the Russian Cossack who murdered his family.



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