Ironclad poster assures us that Blood. Will. Run.

A bloody James Purefoy and his long sword grace the front of the poster for IRONCLAD.

Not too long ago, I posted a rough cut of a promo that had leaked online. To this gal, the early footage looked pretty entertaining. The shots were filmed before Paul Giamatti joined the cast as the wretched King John. My favorite part was the glimpse of Kate Mara wielding a sword.

Producer Rick Benattar (SHOOT EM' UP) spoke about the unfinished leak, "The promo slipping out a few weeks ago was slightly premature, as the sound and picture were still rough. But the fans out there seemed to embrace it anyway and in light of that we thought we would share, officially, the teaser one-sheet that will be used exclusively for the European Film Market.” IRONCLAD seems to have gotten a fairly warm response from movie fans, and I'm really hoping it turns out good. I did notice Megan Fox's name was missing from the poster, so I'm thinking she jumped ship and Mara took her place.

Fox or no Fox, Benattar still promises a good time, "Expect more footage soon. And thanks to everyone out there who has been following the film. It will kick some ass!"

Extra Tidbit: Giamatti is a huge sci-fi fan.
Source: Empire



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