Is this the new look of the killer in Scream 4?

Last week, I reported that a new mask would make its appearance in SCREAM 4. You ready to see it?

It's the scarecrow of the SCREAM world. It seems a little silly in my opinion, but perhaps on screen it's a different story. This just doesn't immediately come off as threatening to me. Though, if I did see it at my backdoor it would probably scare the buhjesus out of me.

The costume is for purchase online. Note that it is already sold out on that site. There is no official word yet, but there's also been no denial. Is it just a coincidence that it's showing up now? The rumor came from a pic Wes Craven tweeted, but somehow has mysteriously disappeared. The scarecrow mask was not the only one on the floor, there is also a zombie one with his cat Cinnamon sitting right on them. Screen caps of the pics are still on various horror sites, to check it out head here.

Also, a site called Before the Trailer has released some set pics from the film. Apparently, Sidney Prescott is a best selling author with a book titled, "Out of the Darkness". The rest of the set pics are mainly town banners, Woodsboro police cars, and one of Wes Craven. These set pics are thanks to a heads up via Latino Review.

Check out the possible new mask for the killer and click on the set pic to access the rest.

Extra Tidbit: What are the chances of SCREAM 4 being good?



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