James Franco will be your fake friend in Ricky Stinicky

Man, James Franco is a busy guy these days. After racking up quite the resume from SPIDER-MAN to MILK to PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, he’s been cast as the lead in Danny Boyle’s 127 HOURS, is co-starring with Danny McBride in YOUR HIGHNESS and has a recurring stint on General Hospital. It’s hard to believe he has time for even more.

But Franco has just been signed on for another comedy project titled RICKY STINICKY. Deadline explains the pitch:

A couple of pals who invented a fake friend they employ when they want to get away from their spouses get called on their BS when the wives insist on meeting Ricky Stinicky at a party they are throwing. The guys hire an actor (Franco) to play Stinicky.

No word on a director or any potential castmates, but I’ll be curious who they select to play the two pals. Just keep Michael Cera, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill away OK? I am fine with Paul Rudd and/or Jason Segel.

Extra Tidbit: I think Franco works much better in comedies than in dramas.
Source: Deadline



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