Jennifer Lawrence to play Zelda Fitzgerald in Ron Howard biopic

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Batman, Adolf Hitler and Scooby-Doo. These are all characters and historical figures that Jennifer Lawrence would be perfect to play. Why? Because she can do anything. She can literally play anything between a cartoon dog and a genocidal dictator, and that includes the newest role she’s been cast in.

According to THR, the Oscar-winning actress and box office wrecking ball is in talks to take on the role of Zelda Fitzgerald in Ron Howard’s upcoming biopic, ZELDA. Fitzgerald, the wife of GREAT GATSBY writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, was a Jazz Age icon and was described by her husband as “the first American flapper.” The movie will be based primarily on the biography of the same name by Nancy Milford with a script by Emma Frost (THE WHITE QUEEN, THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE). As well, the movie will be produced by ROGUE ONE and HUNGER GAMES producer Allison Shearmur. You know, just in case having a bit of a STAR WARS connection will entice you.

The description of the movie from THR is as follows:

“…the story centers on Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his indispensable muse and fiercest competitor. Desperate to define herself through her own art, the film explores the question: Can love exist between creative equals?”

As mentioned above Zelda was a tremendous artist herself, and in life would go on to suffer from schizophrenia, which along with her and Scott's alcohol-driven social life made their marriage as tumultuous as it was legendary.

Lawrence can do anything under the stars, so there’s no doubt this will result in yet another critically-acclaimed, Oscar-worthy performance for the actress, especially considering the movie will have plenty of awards buzz around it simply because of Howard’s name. His lower-key works tend to garner more awards, so an emotional biopic surrounding one of the 20th century's most historic figures has the potential to be among Howard and Lawrence's best work. As for F. Scott no word yet on who will play the famous author, but if I had to guess the name would rhyme with Shmadley Trooper.

Catch Lawrence in PASSENGERS this Christmas with Chris Pratt.

Source: THR



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