Wesley Snipes dropping hints he is in Blade reboot?

Wesley Snipes got the attention of fans when he cheekily replied to an article about appearing in next year’s Blade.

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Phase Six is going to be a crucial one for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with half of the projects announced so far being reboots. But after The Fantastic Four serves as Marvel’s big summer blockbuster there will be Blade, with Mahershala Ali in the title role, taking over one of Wesley Snipes’ signature characters. But will Snipes step in for a cameo?

This week, Wesley Snipes responded to an article that reported that he was “already signed to do some stuff” in next year’s Blade by writing, “Whuhuuuut?” along with the side eye emoji.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily confirm anything and right now his involvement is all hearsay. And, really, Snipes’ comment over his Blade involvement could be read in one of two ways: either he is signed on and playing coy or it’s the first he’s hearing of it. Regardless, it’s just the latest move in the rumor mill over the reboot.

Snipes has commented on Yann Demange’s Blade before, saying back in 2022 that there was a possibility that he could return. “Never say never. Long as I’m healthy and in shape, I can rock with them.” He also suggested that it is was now Ali’s time to wield the sword. “I’m cool with it. I don’t walk around as Blade, so I’m not attached to the character like that, you know? I feel no emotional loss. Zero. I’m happy that he’s been cast, and more than likely he’ll do a great job.”

A new Blade movie has been through a lot of directors, writers and stalls, but now seems to be on track for its November 7th, 2025. As of now, it will be joined by the aforementioned The Fantastic Four and two Avengers movies as part of Phase Six, a continuation of the Multiverse Saga which is currently in Phase Five and has three entries left: this summer’s Deadpool & Wolverine and next year’s Captain America: Brave New World and Thunderbolts*.

Do you think Wesley Snipes should return for the MCU’s Blade or would it take away from Mahershala Ali’s spotlight? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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