Jerry Garcia movie

I don't profess to know much, if anything, about The Grateful Dead, but it's heard to imagine their story not making an interesting movie. Now it looks like the life of Jerry Garcia will get the biopic treatment from the producers of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. Like many rock biopics before it, the film will focus on Garcia's early years before he joined the band. Expect the latter part of the film to be his first musical encounters with future Dead members like Phil Lesh. Topper Lilien (WHERE THE MONEY IS, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS) will write the script based on the book "Dark Star" by Robert Greenfield, which is like an oral history of Garcia's life based on accounts from friends, relatives and musicians. The one issue that seems to slow down most musician biopics (like the numerous Janis Joplin movies) - music rights - won't be much of an issue here since the movie takes place before the Grateful Dead was formed.

Extra Tidbit: I was at a wedding the other day and heard a song called "Ripple" that was actually really good.
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