Jim Carrey's upcoming film gets postponed indefinitely

The Jim Carrey comedy I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS hit the 2009 Sundance Film Fest to mostly positive reviews. The Hollywood Reporter called it "deliciously funny" while Variety added it will leave audiences both "laughing and stunned." That was over a year ago. How has a well-received Jim Carrey comedy sat on the shelf for so long? I don't know but be prepared for it to sit on the shelf even longer.

Consolidated Pictures Group acquired the rights to the film after major buyers were scared off by the some of the explicit gayness in the film (Carrey loves Phillip Morris in more ways than one). It was scheduled for a limited release on April 30th but now a spokeswoman for the film says that it won't be hitting theaters on April 30th having been postponed indefinitely.

There is no release date for the film and it's beginning to look like the film may never get the release it deserves. I'm guessing it's in Carrey's contract that the film gets some kind of theatrical release but that can easily be achieved by dumped it in two theaters with little-to-no promotion and then going for broke on a DVD release.

It's kind of a shame that we get on the case of guys like Jim Carrey for playing the same role over and over and when they finally do something different, the film sits on the shelf for years....

Extra Tidbit: Ewan McGregor and Leslie Mann co-star in the film so it's certainly not short on star power.
Source: LA Times



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