JimmyO asks Sir Ridley Scott if Prometheus will have a Director's Cut!

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Our very own JimmyO was across the pond in London this past weekend discovering all things PROMETHEUS (read his interview with writer Damon Lindelof here), and while there he took the opportunity to ask director Sir Ridley Scott himself whether there would be a Director's Cut of the film.   Scott is famous not only for including a director's cut on DVD but for often having that Director's Cut be loads better than the version released in cinemas, and here's what he shared in response to JimmyO's question:

"No, I think this is a good length. But that said, I think that now the fashion of actually putting out a couple of discs is here to stay, which will comfort you on all other kinds of conversation about how the movie was made. All you’ll really do is see extended scenes in the menu. Other than that I think this is a pretty good length, the dynamics of this are about right."

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So there it is - seems Scott will include plenty of "making of" and "behind the scenes" sorts of features, and a slightly expanded cut of the film featuring a few extended scenes, but nothing that is a dramatic difference from the way the film currently stands.  That being said, even without a Director's Cut coming there may be something else to hope for, if the info buried in JimmyO's advice for your viewing of PROMETHEUS is any indication:

"...by expanding the universe that he so brilliantly brought to us back in 1979 with the original film, we could expect a variety of new stories to follow if PROMETHEUS does well at the box office. If you are not familiar with the story, I’d advise you to keep it that way. However you can safely go into it knowing that you are seeing the film that Sir Ridley Scott wants you to see."  Sounds good to me!

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Extra Tidbit: For those who have already seen PROMETHEUS, is there a way you can share with us (without spoilers) whether you think Scott's film should actually have a Director's Cut after all?
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