Joe Wright doing a Black Mirror episode with Bryce Dallas Howard & Alice Eve

After bringing myself up to speed on all things BLACK MIRROR, courtesy of the wonders of Netflix, I'm down for whatever the new episodes of the series will bring forth. The highly accalaimed tech-fi anthology is being brought back for a fresh run of 12 episodes on Netflix, and it appears Joe Wright, Bryce Dallas Howard and Alice Eve will be part of that process.

Wright, who recently helmed Warner Bros. disastrous PAN, will be back in the director's chair to guide the dark twists that an episode of BLACK MIRROR is typically comprised of. (For those who have never seen the show, think a tech spin of THE TWILIGHT ZONE.) Howard and Eve will star, although there have been no indications whatsoever as to what the nature of their roles will be nor what their specific episode will be about. The show is doing everything it can to keep future BLACK MIRROR surprises under wraps, as it should be... And I imagine we'll all be better off for that level of secrecy.

Source: Deadline



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