Cult Killer: Antonio Banderas teaches Alice Eve self-defense moves in Exclusive Clip

Antonio Banderas teaches Alice Eve some self-defense moves that come in handy in our exclusive clip from the thriller Cult Killer

Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Antonio Banderas (Once Upon a Time in Mexico) lead the cast of the upcoming serial killer thriller Cult Killer, which Saban Films and Sony Pictures are teaming up to give a theatrical release this Friday, January 19th. With that release just hours away, we’ve gotten our hands on a violent EXCLUSIVE clip from the film that shows Banderas teaching Eve’s character some self-defense moves – which she also has to try to put to use in the clip. You can check it out in the embed above.

Directed by Jon Keeyes from a screenplay by first-time feature writer Charles Burnley, the film has the following synopsis: A PI (Antonio Banderas) and his partner (Alice Eve) are drawn into a web of intrigue when they start tracking a serial killer targeting a wealthy family with a dark secret.

Eve and Banderas are joined in the cast by Shelley Hennig (Obliterated), Paul Reid (Boy Eats Girl), and Olwen Fouéré (Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

When we first heard about this project, it was going by the title The Last Girl and was said to be about a private investigator (Eve) who is forced into a dangerous alliance with a killer (Hennig) in order to uncover a quiet town’s grisly criminal underbelly and clear the name of her mentor (Banderas), who is implicated in the crimes.

Cult Killer was produced by Conor Barry, Jordan Beckerman, Richard Bolger, Richard Clabaugh, Jordan Yale Levine, and Michael J. Rothstein. There’s a long list of executive producers that includes Stephen Braun, Lee Broda, Colby Cote, Grady Craig, Luke Daniels, Aden Darmody, Nicholas Donnermeyer, Kurt Ebner, Patrick Heaphy, Matthew Helderman, Will Hirschfeld, Grant S. Johnson, Tyler W. Konney, Jesse Korman, Jason Kringstein, Scott Levenson, David Nazar, Jonathan Saba, Richard Switzer, Luke Taylor, Kade Thomas, Jeffrey Tussi, and Jonathan Zuck. Kurt Fethke and Kyle Fethke are co-executive producers, Catherine O’Flaherty the line producer, and Thomas K Richards an associate producer.

This is the fourteenth feature for director Jon Keeyes, who got his start with the 2002 horror movie American Nightmare. Since then, he has directed Hallow’s End, Suburban Nightmare, Mad Bad, Living & Dying, Fall Down Dead, Doom Room, Phobia, Element, The Harrowing, Rogue Hostage, The Survivalist, and Code Name Banshee (which also starred Antonio Banderas).

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