Julia, Clive reunite

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen couldn't get enough of each other in CLOSER so they're going to reteam on Universal's DUPLICITY. The film will star Owen as a construction worker who has himself cloned so he'll have more time for his wife and daughter. Oh wait, that was MULTIPLICITY with Michael Keaton. DUPLICITY will star Roberts and Owen in a big business MR. AND MRS. SMITH drama that will star the actors as lovers and corporate spies who are forced to work on opposite sides. As you might expect, the team up in the end to pull off an elaborate con and take down their respective corporations. The film was written and will be directed by Tony Gilroy who has plenty of experience with intrigue from his work on MICHAEL CLAYTON and all three BOURNE scripts. Filming on DUPLICITY is scheduled to begin in March after Owen wraps filming on THE INTERNATIONAL. Roberts can be seen this December in CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR.

Extra Tidbit: Gilroy was one of the many screenwriters tasked with working on Michael Bay's ARMAGEDDON.
Source: Variety



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