Kellan Lutz wants to be our new Bourne

Yes, he may be all the rage with Twilight fans and Perez Hilton, but the majority of us haven't gotten to know Kellan Lutz terribly well. But now he's pushing hard to be our next big action star, and he's got the muscles for it if nothing else.

His latest quest? Modeling his career after Matt Damon, and that means pushing for the lead role in the Damon-less Bourne reboot, a project the original actor has pretty much frowned upon, but will get made regardless. Here's what he had to say to the NYPost.

"I want to be the Matt Damon of my generation. Someone who can do a serious drama and then a really funny movie like “The Informant" and then kick some butt in The Bourne franchise. I want to get my hands on something like that because I’m very athletic, I love action movies – I love those real world action heroes. I look up to Matt Damon’s career. He’s a very intelligent actor and person. I try and study what he does.

(About Bourne) I have been throwing many hats into that ring. I’ve had a couple great meetings and it’s something I’m really pushing for as much as I can. That's one role I want. I want it baaaad."

What do you think of Lutz from what you've seen of him so far? He'll be appearing in IMMORTALS as Poseidon where we'll get a better look at him, but I'd say we always need more action stars, so I'm not opposed to him giving it his all.

Do you think if there has to be a young Bourne movie, that he's the one for the job?

Extra Tidbit: "But you know what, if it helps the movie by bringing in two more people who just want to see me shirtless, great."
Source: NYPost



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