Knight Rider clips

IESB have scored a couple of clips from the upcoming TV movie KNIGHT RIDER. I don't know if these clips were released as promotional pieces or if they were unfinished reels that fell off a courier's bicycle, but there is literally no scenario where this wouldn't be incredibly embarrassing. To be honest, I only watched one clip, THIS one, so there is a chance that the rest might be awesome. But realistically that's only insofar as there is a chance you might accidentally swallow your own penis while you're sleeping tonight. Still, I really hope I'm totally wrong and this thing is great, because Val Kilmer was the bomb in TOMBSTONE. Here is the plot, maybe that will help: Mike Traceur a bitter former Army Ranger and failed race car driver, just got a new lease on life, neither he cares for or wants this chance to make up for his past failings. FLAG wants a new driver, but he is hesitant to join this mysterious group and doubts this super car or he can make a difference. He's got problems, he's in debt and people want to kill him. The choice is all too obvious for him and the Knight Industries Three Thousand (K.I.T.T) Go HERE for the full collection of clips. Find a good one, let us know.
Extra Tidbit: Will Arnett was originally going to voice K.I.T.T.
Source: IESB



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