Lily of the Valley: This Week on Breaking Bad (Episode 4 / August 5, 2012)

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EPISODE 4: Fifty-One


There's a gaping hole in the Meth distribution market. Walter White has crowned himself king, but this kingdom comes with a cost and those close to Walt are starting to realize a dark change is coming.


Seeing as how this show's last season will be divided into two 8 episode stretches, I'm ready to see some shit hit the proverbial fan. I like the vibe of this season thus far, but for being halfway there, I'm hoping they kick those two muscle cars into high gear here soon. The cars were a cool idea, one no doubt brought on by the recollection of his Heisenberg hat. And why not live a little? Of course with Skyler in perma-bitch mode and the fact that this is the same type of car she already made him take back once, you'd think he'd have been a touch more subtle about it. Maybe that's why she stiffed him on the bacon design for his birthday breakfast.

Poor Hank, he wants to blow the lid off this case so bad, but at least after all his hard work he's getting the props he deserves (and not by being shipped off to Mexico). I thought for sure he'd have some sort of talk with Walt about the case, but seeing as how Walt laced he and Marie's relationship with talk of adultery (which was obviously going to spread to Hank), the tone's all shifted. Hell, if that wasn't enough, the pool stunt was bound to push the envelope. Skyler, what a drama queen. She got her wish though, but after that argument with Walt, she might be realizing that once you open Pandora's Box it's not shutting it that matters, it's what gets out. Her cards are on the table now, and the problem with that is Walt's still the better card player.

Okay, now I love Mikey and all, but damn that Lydia's got to go. I cringe every time she's on screen. If ever there was a poster girl for "weak link" it's her. The GPS thing with the Methylamine, come on now. Yes, you can fool Jesse with that kind of ruse (sorry bro, I love ya but it's true) but Mike was a cop you idiot, he can see through that noise from every angle (I loved that line about being sexist). Jesse's compassion is touching, and I suppose one of them needs to have some, so it's cool. Speaking of which, the watch was another tribute to his loyalty and love for Walt. Damn is it ever going to be heartbreaking to see them clash.

BREAKING BAD SEASON 5's fourth episode laid the domestic drama on thick. They say home's where the heart is, but it felt more like waiting for a heart attack tonight. Now I know I keep bitching about Skyler, but she's really got to tone things down. The theatrics, the guilt trips and most importantly the threats. Let me get this straight Skyler, you're scared of Walt, of what he can do, so you threaten to take away the two things he holds most dear to his heart? I'm not sure where you're getting your intel as far as creating grand schemes are concerned but I think you missed the pages on cunning and how to outsmart your opponent. Probably something to consider before you threaten a dude who can make you vanish into thin air, even if he is your husband, because remember, you did cheat on him.


If you're going to stage a cop related situation (the GPS), be absolutely sure you don't have ex-cops involved in the business as they'll see through your idiocy rather quickly and then come kill you.


Tonight's comes from Skyler, but it's only the best because of how damn cold it was. Skyler, "Well I guess I'll have to wait." Walt, "Wait for what?" Skyler, "For the cancer to come back."


You're killing me Jesse, four damn episodes and not one bitch. You disappoint me.


I really loved the look on Walt's face when he got his hat back. It wasn't as much of a scene as it was a moment, but it was damn cool. Also, when Jesse goes to pick up the Methylamine from the warehouse and Lydia's dumbass gives him the third degree.



Extra Tidbit: So Walt, maybe it's time to consider a divorce.
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