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08.17.2005by: Jim Law

Top 10 Animated Hotties

Let's get a couple things clear before we start because I have a feeling I'm going to feel the wrath of an entirely different kind of fanboy after this one. First, this is a movie site, these are movie characters (except for #7, who appeared on the big screen in an animated short). There will be no comic heroines, Saturday morning starlets, or funny page regulars. Second, I'm not what you would call an expert in the world of anime so there's probably a hundred or so anime women I've left off the list. Finally, you haven't experienced a truly awkward moment in life until you try to come up with a list such as this one while at work surrounded by slugs who'd rather discuss the length of their lawn and the absolute hilarity of "Everybody Loves Raymond". So consider this a big shout out to Scotty, who helped populate the list and made the conversation seem normal if only for a few seconds. Fantasize away.


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