Mark at the moon

Just the other day I went trolling around on MarkRomanek.com hoping there would be some news about what the dude was working on. Sadly, there was none. It's been almost five years now since his feature debut ONE HOUR PHOTO was released and no new film. He had been attached to direct Tom Hanks in a movie titled COLD CASE but that film got colder than the case itself. Just weeks before the big James Frey scandal broke, we signed to direct an adaptation of A MILLION LITTLE PIECES but the status of that is pretty self-explanatory. Now comes word that Universal has made the hire of the year and brought Romanek aboard to direct THE WOLFMAN. Romanek will replace Guillermo del Toro who left due to scheduling concerns. Benecio Del Toro is producing and will star as the lupine man. Andrew Kevin Walker (SEVEN) wrote the script, which takes place in Victorian-era Great Britain. Filming is scheduled to begin this fall.

Extra Tidbit: Wolfman's got nards?



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