Marshall talks Pirates

Going from CHICAGO to NINE to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN would seem like a bit of a non sequitur to me, but that’s exactly what Rob Marshall is allegedly planning on doing, and is cautiously optimistic about directing the totally necessary fourth PIRATES flick, though in this interview with ComingSoon, he makes it sound like it’s far from a sure thing as of yet.

"We're still trying to figure out if it's going to all happen," he continued. "If it happens--I think Johnny's doing a movie with Angelina Jolie in the spring (that's The Tourist)--so if it happens, we'll start in the summer, and we'll see. I'm excited. If it happens, it happens. I'd be thrilled. I just love Johnny and I'm excited about the genre."

"I would need a script first," he laughed when asked what direction he hoped to take the movie visually. "It all comes from the script and the story. You serve the story and you find out what the story is and then you work from there, that's it. It's simple."

The script in question is said to be based on Tim Powers' novel, "On Stranger Tides," which features Blackbeard, voodoo and the Fountain of Youth. And here I thought they’d be finding that in the next NATIONAL TREASURE movie.

Extra Tidbit: I’ve got a feeling Depp is just praying this all falls apart.
Source: ComingSoon



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