Marvel decides their Runaways movie needs more time to mature

While Marvel ramps up their supersized superhero movies on the way to assembling THE AVENGERS, their other comic adaptation is getting the ugly stepchild treatment: RUNAWAYS has quietly been in development for some time, but now it's getting locked in the closet with a soiled mattress and a bucket.

The project, which had Peter Sollett (NICK AND NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST) prepping to direct a script by Drew Pearce (creator of the UK superhero sitcom "No Heroics"), has reportedly now been delayed indefinitely (the director has been "invited to take another film first").

The movie was gearing towards shooting early next year, but there are apparently perceptions in Hollywood that the material veers a little too close to the underperforming KICK-ASS (which seems like rather flimsy reasoning).

The superpowered teen tale was  created by "Lost" writer and "Y: The Last Man" creator Brian K. Vaughan (with an arc by AVENGERS writer-director Joss Whedon), and follows a group of youngsters who discover their parents are a secret supervillain group known as The Pride. When the kids discover they inherited their parents' various abilities, they refuse to take after their evil folks and go on the run, using their new powers for good.

It remains to be seen if they're saving RUNAWAYS until after AVENGERS or IRON MAN 3, or ultimately just putting the comic back in the longbox.

Extra Tidbit: "No Heroics" was pretty funny. But... no season two?
Source: Deadline



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