Marvel's Runaways movie gets Nick and Norah's director

While Fox flops around trying to get their FIRST CLASS of X-MEN together, Marvel is pushing ahead with their own team of superpowered teens, RUNAWAYS.

Unrelated to the 70s rock band (currently being partly portrayed by Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning), the comic follows a group of youngsters who discover their parents are a secret cabal of supervillains called The Pride. But when they realize they have inherited their parents' abilities, the teens refuse to take after their folks, and decide to use their own various powers for good. 

Deadline says Marvel is working on the film adaptation with director Peter Sollett, who last directed the Michael Cera/Kat Dennings big city romcom/adventure NICK AND NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST. The project is part of Marvel's pre-Disney deal, so it will be distributed by IRON MAN's home, Paramount.

The award-winning book (which I admit I could never get into) was created by "Lost" writer and "Y: The Last Man" creator Brian K. Vaughan. Initially part of Marvel's manga-inspired Tsunami imprint, the title was canceled after 18 issues but was revived (as a still-ongoing series) thanks to prosperous trade paperback sales. Fanhuman deity Joss Whedon has also scripted an arc of the series.

Extra Tidbit: I still think "Ex Machina" is Vaughan's best comic work.



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