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As much as I like RKO 281, I always aggressively maintained that Vincent D'Onofrio's cameo in ED WOOD was the closest thing to the real Orson Welles we'd ever get. With that in mind, let me now say that I have no friggin clue who Christian McKay is but hot damn he's got my vote for the 2010 Oscars based on nothing but a trailer!

Yahoo Movies put out the full theatrical trailer for Richard Linklater's ME & ORSON WELLES, where Zac "Musical Affront" Efron is a teen plucked out of the street by Welles himself to act in his staged Julius Ceasar. Cutesy Claire Danes plays the love interest of both men, with the amazing Eddie Marsan also onboard.

Here's that thing right down there, with an HD version OVER HERE while the film itself comes out late November. "Dance-on" Efron aside, it's a Linklater film and that Welles is just jaw-dropping good so I'm in!

Extra Tidbit: "I'm supposed to do a thriller for Universal. They want Charlton Heston as a Mexican. " I still say D'Onofrio should've been cast in RKO 281. Didn't he also make a short as Welles?
Source: Yahoo Movies



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