Mel Gibson will star in Shane Black's Cold Warrior

That Mel Gibson is "re-teaming" with his LETHAL WEAPON screenwriter Shane Black is kind of awesome. On top of that, Black showed great directorial chops in one of 2005's best but most criminally underseen films KISS KISS, BANG BANG. These are good things.

COLD WARRIOR, as described by THR's Heat Vision blog, is "a tale in which a Cold War spy (Gibson) comes out of retirement to confront a domestic terrorism threat from Russia by teaming up with a younger agent." The film, to be directed by Black, will be written by first-time (?) screenwriter Charles Mondry.

The fact that Black is not writing the screenplay is kind of a huge bummer but doesn't dissuade my (cautious) anticipation, especially now that Gibson is attached. There's still very little known about this film up to this point, so I'm anxious to see what other kind of casting Black's got in store for us. Speaking of being anxious, what the heck is the status on Black's proposed DOC SAVAGE film?

Mel Gibson's EDGE OF DARKNESS opens this weekend, his first on-screen performance since 2002's SIGNS!
Extra Tidbit: Black is probably best known on-screen for his somewhat brief appearance in PREDATOR as the jokey and doomed Hawkins, letting loose the now infamous vagina joke that amuses nobody but Sonny Landham. He's also appeared in DEAD HEAT, ROBOCOP 3, and (oddly) AS GOOD AS IT GETS.
Source: THR



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