Melissa is Captive

Toothy Aussie beauty Melissa George is developing quite the horror pedigree with TURISTAS, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and the impending 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. Now it sounds like she'll find herself in more terrifying trouble in a thriller called CAPTIVE.

Not to be confused with the recent torture dud CAPTIVITY, this one involves a mom who gets knocked out in a car crash and awakens as the prisoner of a mysterious masked killer... who also has some interesting information about her "quiet" life. The flick comes from writer-director Amanda Gusack, following her debut on the unforgivingly creepy indie spooker IN MEMORIUM.

CAPTIVE was originally announced as part of MGM's made-for-DVD strategy (along with sequels to SPECIES, WARGAMES, DARK BLUE and THE CUTTING EDGE), but considering George's theatrical horror track record, those plans might have since changed.
Extra Tidbit: George played the proxy Dorothy in the unaired pilot LOST IN OZ, a contemporized pseudo-sequel to WIZARD OF OZ that was written by X-MEN scribe David Hayter and directed by Master of Horror Mick Garris. (For the curious, it can be found on YouTube.)
Source: Moviehole.net



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