Monster Squad DVD!

Nostalgic fans who have been clamoring for an official DVD of the oft-bootlegged 80s artifact MONSTER SQUAD won't have to wait much longer. Soon they'll be able to see kids with dated wardrobe and hairstyles do battle with classic creatures to a synth-pop score, in all the glory of the digital format.

The long-demanded DVD finally arrives on July 24th, courtesy of the genre lovers at Lionsgate, who finally plucked it out of limbo. The 2-disc set will feature commentaries, a reunion featurette, deleted and extended scenes, and all sorts of devilish delights. The cover art you see here recently appeared at DVD Empire.

For those who've never seen it, the flick (co-written by Shane Black and featuring FX work by Stan Winston) follows a group of middle-school misfits obsessed with creatures of the night. They get their big chance when Dracula blows into town for some evildoing with Frankenstein's monster, Wolfman (and his nards), the Mummy and Gillman as his henchmen. It's up to the adolescent fiend-fighters to send Drac and his cronies back to the hell that spawned them.
Extra Tidbit: Director Fred Dekker's other cult fave NIGHT OF THE CREEPS has also yet to arrive on DVD.



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