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Director Duncan Jones' lunar oddity MOON lands in Earth theaters next month, but he's planning to go in a different direction for his new project -- down.

Jones (son of David Bowie) will take a page from James Cameron's soggy book and go for a dip in the ocean with ESCAPE FROM THE DEEP, an adaptation of the Alex Kershaw book.

The claustrophobic thriller (described by Jones as in the vein of CRIMSON TIDE and DAS BOOT) is based on an actual WWII story about a US Navy sub accidentally sunk by its own torpedo, leaving the crew members to survive the metal tomb on the bottom of the Pacific while the enemy continued their search and attacks.

Before he takes a dive, Jones will make MUTE, a sci-fi project set in futuristic Berlin.

Extra Tidbit: MUTE is being called the "flip side" to MOON, whatever that might mean. Wonder if Sam Rockwell has room on his schedule for it...
Source: THR



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